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When I am a sculptor, famed

in the shadow of Moore or

Hepworth, I shall fashion

in black marble an image of eternity;

Aphrodite shall dance a slow pavane

without her customary passion, and

shall shine within the foaming waters

of this brutal and ungodly Earth.


Chris Hubbard




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Powermoves and Hope... Leaps above all : The story of one BBoy steps of hope. A Super BBoy who possess the power to fly, but all he wants to do is dance! A BBoy called Mickey.

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The @Facebook/DreamAcademy trying to persuade ,one not to believe in fickle dreams changing from moment to moment. No, theirs is a slightly more challenging Powermove , they came to restore the magic of the wonder found in every waking moment ,every step in the amazing footwork ,the flips and windmills etc all captured forever in the mind and heart of our magnificent, hauntingly creative , "too co...

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After the Dance

We wade though the bright grass

Tired, footsore, happy

Hearing a bird calling by the reeds

Notes curling amongst themselves,

Spinning through the warm air

Distantly, traffic busies itself,

Here, tranquillity reigns,

After a full night dancing,

We walk.

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Dance Dance

Dance Dance

I may when the sun comes up

To the worlds glorious rise

To her chant, her breath, her freedom

Her nurturing boundaries

Such nectar,


Dance Dance

I may when the sun comes up

In the evening I shall rest

Rest inside her sweet surrender

Contented to my soil rich roots

For the world has been my playground


Dance Dance

I may when the sun comes u...

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Danceeveningmorningrestsurrendersweet life

One Day!

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One day I'll meet you In that place!!


I don't take drugs

I tried a couple times

So I can tell you what it feels like

I don't drink

Probably all the sips I've ever had

Could amount to 2 glasses of white wine and those sambuca shots when I was 17yrs old!

I love dancing

I don't seem to do it much 

But I love moving 

That I do everyday with Yoga

I love fashion and...

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Sway to the winds

Hoover over the plains of unwritten avenues

Brush away all misconceptions

Death to ifs and maybes

Lay with me in this tornado gliding to the designated mark that is love

Dance with me

Join me in my pursuit of you…of us

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Snow Flake

You come and you go

astressed with the trade winds

Tiny ghost dancer

flows to my head

clear and timed

tastes of sparkling ciders melt in my eye

attempting to leave no trace

I hold the proof of our a-cult

reforming love 

vitalizing movements seize life

breath exits as I consumed you

as glass inherits my soul 

timed and clear

breakable in an extraterrestrial se...

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If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…

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Had a prompt from our writing group last time of "

If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…" so I thought I'd give it a go, although I've not mentioned the prompt anywhere in the piece!


If you dance to the music, you’ll find yourself…


I can’t dance.

Anyone that takes a glance

Will see me prance and realise

That I can’t dance.


My Macarena is more macaroni


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beardancedancingfunny poem

the cuckoo waltz

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the cuckoo waltz


two men

dancing  around

each other

their movement

smooth and fluid



where the others

feet, hands, eyes,

words, gestures,

will land

one will lead

then the other

a steady



of fool, clown,

idiot, hero

a knowing look

a fleeting glance

of shame


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comedydanceold moviesoliver hardyslapstickstan laurelthe cuckoo waltz

The Ballad Of Billy Nomates

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The Ballad Of Billy Nomates


You were bigger than a bus,

with a face as red as Martian dust

and a neck that started somewhere in your crown.

I was small and insecure,

as I approached the guarded door,

knowing that you were about to put me down.


You were giving me that look

that said you couldn’t give a fuck

for my need to get beyond the ticket box.


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billy no matesbouncersdanceepic failrefused entrysad

the Dark Side to each other's Moon

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Ripples in the water. Forever bouncing. The transformation from Sea to Land. The water. a Constant Surge. Pulsating Tides. those Building Blocks. Keeping a foundation grounded. The motive behind the pen.


Are we all just words in a pictionary born again to have meaning? The reality I belong to ...

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1722baked thoughtsbuilding blockscloudsdancefunnelgreatLovemississippi riverMNtalityquestionsapstormTimmy Mitullitruthwrite


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The beginning is timid
time has not any limit.
magic movements are slow,
we dance the tango of love.

It's the music of feelings,
bliss and passion revealing,
dance of flight and explosion
of hidden love.

When we part it’s only for a moment
Dance of love will never end, be sure.

The beginning is timid
and it's not so vivid,
then it turns into wild
and grasping dan...

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Current Promotions

Current Promotions

We’re pleased to announce the following promotions for our 24th September OpenMind event at Fuel Cafe Bar.

*2 for 1 entry for all OpenSpacers – bring a friend free!*Quote GERBIL on the door to be entered into a prize draw for free entry for yourself and a friend to our OpenMind Halloween Special at Fuel on 22nd October.

*All who share the event page for OpenMind...

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ArtDanceFuelGERBILMusicOpenMindOpenMind: Slamming SeptemberPoetryPrize DrawRaffleSeptemberSlamTheatre

OpenMind: Slamming September Poster

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Take a look at the poster for our OpenMind: Slamming September event at Fuel on Monday 24th September.



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AcousticArtCompetitionDanceExhibitionMusicOpenMindPoetryRapSeptemberSlamSpoken WordTheatreVariety


I met a woman at the Blue Nile.

Our first encounter was her attempting to kiss my face. She seems to be in her mid-late fifties/early sixties. She began to tell me that she is okay, over and over again. She began to cry. She told  me her sun died. He OD'ed at 39 years old. She watched him die, with his head between the toilet and the sink. Her other sun blamed his brother's death on her. Sh...

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blue nileboxbutterfliesclownsdanceDeathfireLydiaminnesotaopenPainsecretshoesTearsWater

storm chaser

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The clouds of your storm are filled with lollipops and pounding thoughts.
Raining on sad clowns, you turn frowns upside down.
Your lightning creates a sound soothing to the crown.
Your image, as an imprint in the sky, never disappears from our mind.
The weather makes us feel better…incredible sensations!
Yeah, we see you over there laughing at your own creations.

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artistbutterfliesClowdsdanceedgefireflakeflowers optimism happinessfunkHeartnuclear warRazorSheltershoesTravelsWeather


I like the moment when my hand
opens up a window to the unknown

polar winds, a vintage of lifetimes and stories,
now caressing my combusting skin.

For an instant, we are sand: constrained and
docile to the invisibility of our surroundings.

A neon moon brings me in touch with my
most primitive instincts: claiming ownership of

the next wrong step and a turn that is a season too late.
Cha cha cha... Your h...

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£10 POEM


£10 POEM

Things got too far after I had 2 cans at home and three pints in various pubs.                                                           

Five pints in the pub made me merry.                                                                                                               

So when a dickhead in a light blue denim shirt opened the door of our car I was like...

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8/1/12dancemadover exubaranceripped shirt£10

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