One Day!

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One day I'll meet you In that place!!


I don't take drugs

I tried a couple times

So I can tell you what it feels like

I don't drink

Probably all the sips I've ever had

Could amount to 2 glasses of white wine and those sambuca shots when I was 17yrs old!

I love dancing

I don't seem to do it much 

But I love moving 

That I do everyday with Yoga

I love fashion and still photographic images that capture the essence of timeless beauty

People, places, moods and sometimes foods

I miss my family

They live far away from London


I love to create

More than getting dressed and going out

I like it even though it always seems so fleeting

I feel it's overrated 

Maybe I'm doing something wrong

I love to paint

Splashes of whatever

I love making and creating things

I also like fixing stuff

Not that I break anything just so I can

Fix it but

I like solving problems 


I love photos (I think I said that)

I can spend hours going through old albums

Food... I became I vegan at 17yrs and slowly started to include food groups that meant

That label didn't fit

I choose what I eat by how I feel

Sometimes I eat too much of the things I like

It's the freedom no rules thing

Like an over indulgent rebel 

I just want what I want and how much 

I love life 

Some days I think I don't

But underneath I know it's just a bad day

Im so grateful for this weird, wacky wonderful life...

I'm just learning how to navigate

Not the world, but me

And me in the world

All the people

Their ways

Me on good and bad days

Someday I hope I meet you 

In that place where we have both figured it all out and we can look back and laugh

Laugh at the roads we travelled 

That were so hard,

and we thought would never end

Laugh at the way we thought it was all about us, 

"Out there"was never the problem after all

Someday we will all be in that place

And realise we were home all along but 

Just forgot to kick back and enjoy it!



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Sonia Maria

Sat 20th May 2017 10:15

Hello Raj,

Yes, writing does that hey!! Sets something free and you come out the otherside of "whatever" lighter...Brighter!
Or in my case...fall asleep!

Thanks for your comment.

Very Best

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Raj Ferds

Sat 20th May 2017 07:02

Thanks for sharing this Sonia. It strikes me as a moment of catharsis. All those thoughts buzzing inside your head and spirit, desperate to get out.

You've expressed yourself now and hopefully you feel better for it. Take heart cause someday you will meet him in that place.

Well done!


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