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Anti-climatical paradox

 It is an anti-climactical relapse into the repression and suppression of life. 

You'll be on a cloud of positivity held in the captivity of optimism. 

And then as if your minds been hit by a tun of bricks that indicate the euphemism of the candidness of reality.


 As you get older you realise that the higher you climb the further it is to fall, 

so you get indecisive between the f...

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The Journey of Life

The Journey of Life

Life is a journey,

And along the way will travel many,

You will begin the voyage with a destination in mind,

Aboard many friends and family you shall find.


With them you will share stories and laughter,

But you must realize that life isn’t always “happily forever after,”

You will travel across steep hills and through the dark night,

Nevertheless at ...

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A flower
Caught in the muddy waters of life
Spiralling in a whirlpool of tenacity
Plucked and discarded
To continue its journey alone  

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