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She sees the sinews of life:
her mental scar tissue.
Purple welts plagued her mind,
from childhood to death.
While we revisit our pasts...
She tended to neglect coincidences
the acts we thought we'd regret
Sketches scored lines on her skin.
And souls exit to the light,
while she skeptically fights.
Tremulous, unable to bite back
with her mental scar tissu...

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'Yes, I Will Wear One'

Yes I Will Wear One

(lines written in response the suggestion that

those who are mentally ill should wear

wristbands to identify their conditions)


Yes, I will wear one:
retiring, undefeated,
or at least not admitting it,
as I back away,
hot tears rolling from eyes 
spiked with despair
down cheeks
hollowed by time,
I will wave 
both my arms
in the air, cry:
It's not me...

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art day

it's art day up on the ward
some are bored most are ignored
but look at the work of david lord
doesn't he capture it well

the way he tugs at emotion frayed
exposing the frailties of which we are made
of course it helps he trained at the slade
but doesn't he capture it well

never mind ahmed who drools in the paint
the pinhead so backward he thinks he's a saint
a jin to his family of w...

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mental health

I need a holiday.

I need a holiday of sorts,
See, recently I've been stuck in court,
Persecuted by my own thoughts,
Where I must justify my existence?
With evidence of my resistance?
You see I've been put on trial- 
By demons so vile,
And I need a break... Just for a little while,

Listen I need a mental holiday,
A conversation to take me away,
A defence to keep the demons at bay,
But as the accused,

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