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Chasing Love

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You can't go chasing love
for it'll bring you long, lonely nights.
Because love isn't something you chase.
Love is something you find; sometimes unexpectedly.

Love takes time.
Love is not rushed,
but for some
love is at first sight.

And when you do find it
it's something that can't be expressed
even with all the words in the galaxy.

Do not go chasing love.
Let love find you.

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chasing lovelet love find youlove at first sighttime

Day to Night

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Sighing to myself
as I sit here and watch
the desolate world change
from day to night.


In just a minute
It'll no longer be today
as tomorrow will approach.

And now I sit here
looking up at the night
to see that there is no more light
of yesterday, but the million
of shinning stars that overlooks
this chilling night.

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day and nighttimetime change


The leaves fall

Tumbling to the ground

Each branch of the tree

Getting bare and brittle

Some leaves fall straight down

Some leaves get carried by the wind

I sit and watch

Each leaf on an adventure

Some broken

Some cracked

Some gone from view

Each one leaving a memory

On the big tree

That is now nude

And pure

My heart was once pure

And covered in a ge...

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The Resolve

Reality proves daunting

bit tricky to comprehend


Rigidity seldom sustains

must learn aptly to bend


Time plays a role pivotal

in forging future ahead


For your cup to be fullest

or empty if deem instead

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I long to return,

To the land of Ever-was,

So that I can learn,

Why it was we never were.


And if I discern,

What it was you wanted then,

Then I will return,

To when-we’re-not again.

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No Dark Shadows

Time rolls round too fast for me these days,

it feels like a hurricane though once just a breeze

there are days when that is a blessing to be sure, 

when pain dominates and I just want to slam close the door

but then another comes when the sky returns to bright blue

and I get to thinking there is still so much yet to do…  


That's when I get busy and the urgency starts to r...

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Thirteen Thirteen Thirty One
I Sat In The Barbers Chair
Paid My Money To Leave A Little Balder
Picked Up A Paper
Ten Year Old Dies Of Cancer
Turned The Page
Became The Page Turner
Next Article Read;
Six Year Old Drowned With Pet Cat By Mother
Turned Out Mother Was A Drug Addict and Had A Bad Trip
I Once Went To Eastbourne
That Trip Wasn't Much Better
Turned Another Page
The Page Turne...

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In the nascent

empty vessels of time,

I hear your voice.

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And the world keeps rocking to the sound of the void
Spinning through time, a pirouette we can't avoid
And what have you done today
Did the fool on his errand slip by
Did you have much to say
As his time in your life seemed to fly

And the world keeps spinning into uncertain futures
The wounds in it's crust needing serious sutures
And what have you done today
Was th...

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