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Your Father

Your father is still your father. Love him and forgive him as a young child.
The way you were in expectant, resolute delight of his arms around you.
Your father is still your father in his audacious crime of falling in love.
I, his Pygmalion’s statue, his muse, his mistress, his little goth whore,
you see me as nothing better than shit on your kitchen floor
before gathering round the ...

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Moon beckons a beacon for the night demon’s path. Comfort strewn by creaks
of cooling corners in the bedroom.  Dutiful goodnight kisses obligate a renewed
commitment to freshly etched, stone set commandments of the marriage rite.


Left alone, he clicks familiar websites, browsing history carefully kept out of sight.
Easing tension transiently until eyes hit on a caress of a photo...

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Daddy edited poem













My brother

called you back

from the edge

of death.


But you were

in so much

pain, and you

had suffered enough.


We said good bye,

My Mother, My sister,

My brother and I.


We held each

other and

we cried.


The day that

you left us.

The day


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Benefit of the Doubt

The boy’s blue eyes shone

Tried so hard to be good

Tall frame was troubled

So easily misunderstood


But something happened

A long time ago

That split his heart

And darkened his soul


He had to feel needed

Wanted and secure

To cover the emptiness

And risk of wanting more


He worked and toiled

To fill the vacuum inside

He crea...

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lovelove poetrylove poem

The One I Love- 15 word poem
















Look into

my eyes.


The sparkle

you see

in them

is my

love for you.

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lovepoemshort poem

Owl Ghost

Curtains drawn
One sunny morn
A white shadow
On patio door


Since that night
No cry heard
Death knoll subdued
Prey is disturbed


Prophecy or protection
Wisdom or inflection
Your powder down
I cannot clean


A haunting call through the valleys of resentment


Forgive – forgive - forgive

© Katypoetess 2013


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lovelove poemlove poetry

Your dawn chorus


In our deliberately darkened bedroom, 
the silvery slivers of this day's first light
softly kiss the contours of your face,
carefully carving out each perfect curve 
like a sand-dune's crest
beneath a bright new moon.
These lines,
as bold and clear as Nevada neon,
sing out in harmony
a dawn chorus of good fortune
heard by my eyes alone...

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Picked you up

Turned you around

Stroked your feet

Knocked your crown


I looked inside

Took last light

Struck it hard

Flared the night


Burnt the skin

Flame lives within

Bound by Stockholm

Protected from wind


Loyal knights

Play a tune

Of ruined castles

In shallow dune


Didn’t burn away

Like it should


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lovelove poetry

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