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The Pearl

From the 'Wings' series

Dark ocean deep
Oyster clamped fast.
Imprisoned pearl   
Holding breath swim
Upward shell in hand.
Blade struck Sunshine
Polish with a kiss.

No gold rich enough
Can fashion a mount.
For such shape divine
Lustre and Opaque.
Shining light
Shimmering wing.
In heart my forever.

Thrown high in the night
The  pearl.
The moon shining lig...

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Lovewings series

A New Day is Dawning

Continuing the 'Wings' series


A new day is dawning
To learn and embrace.
Soul mates have met
Connection of spirit and love.
New photographs to take
Emotion to explore.
Allowed to live again as one
We will be whole again.

If time was wood
It could be carved to suit.
If time was smoke
It would disappear.
Time moves slowly
When you are not here.
When you are here
It will stan...

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Lovewings series

Keep them furled

A follow on from 'Wings'

Keep them furled round my body
Around and in my heart.
Softness of down
Piercing my mind.
Forever and forever
We are fated.
Drawn to this
We are made as one.

No chanting,
Mantra, Hari Krishna bell.
Third eye, Cross or Mosque
We are chosen by each other.
Childlike we are
Young and aged alike.
We know we love
Salvation from hurt.

Removed from lonelines...

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lovewings series

If you knew all the things that would happen in your life, you would not be able to live, so it is just a good job you don't know

Everything forgiven’s forgot

Peace made way to war again

Boundaries and manners were lost

Dignity was dug into a dirge

Pride slurped from a baby cup-

Oh let’s not talk in sombre wilting

Of how a mind was skewed and tilting

The only saving grace to be

That hindsight wasn’t paid to me

As- if I’d known how you would leave

I’d never give my heart to grieve

And I’d’ve s...

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memory lossagelovedemetiatime

African Princess

African Princess

She came from
The Mountains of the Moon.
Royal Blood pulsing
Through her veins.
Regal bearing
An African Princess soon to be a Queen.
What say you now

No escort of Zulu warrior
Needing no protection.
A thousand attendants
Keening in the background.
Magical polished ebony
Skin shimmering in the Sun.
Her smile eclipsing the moon
Teeth of white Ivory.


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Unforgettable Tune

Love has different tunes,

But only once and one we find.

And while anyone it croons,

It is marvelous and kind.


Our tune we’ll always remember,

Though we walk different ways.

It will sound for us forever

Through the years and days.


Our tune we’ll never forget,

As we find it only once.

For someone it’s a clarinet,

For another one it’s a dance.


I am ...

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Wine is for laughing
Wine is for talking all night
Wine is for living life out loud
Wine is for making us beautiful
Wine is for all-night conversations
Wine is for getting together again
Wine is for ‘never again’ tomorrow
Wine is for sleeping like a baby
Wine is for telling the truth
Wine is food for love
Wine is friendship
Wine is fresh

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We met on a cold and stormy day
The words were mute, they were taken away
The howling wind blowing wild through the trees
The breath from our mouths deceived with ease

I felt a dread as we met in stealth
You didn't ask for gifts or wealth
Your goals were set in insidious ways
Not even a glint in your eye to betray

You crept into my life like an assassins wraith

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The spark of a flame
In the dream of your eyes
Flickering life
In a darkening sky

The depths of a life
Of torment and pain
A swirling pull
From a deepening drain

But heat yet remains
To warm the heart
Of those so dearly
Torn apart

A cold wind blows a tear
Across the cooling fires
The rain of love
Falling through life's briars

A river of sorrow
Streaking ...

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I never got the chance 
To be, for you, the best
I never had the strength 
To hold you to my chest
I never had the time 
To be a fathers son.
I never had a hope 
Of undoing things I've done.
I never got to tell you
How I missed you when not there.
I never had the strength to speak 
As you were lying there.
I nev...

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