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Letter to Santa ( From a Xmas cynic)

Santa : bring me presents, bring me all I want

Bring me gifts of food and drink and other things as well

Bring me love and a tender heart to beat in time with mine

Bring me warmth with a human touch

Need is not a crime


I don’t suppose you can change my life

But at least you can change my day

And a thing that’d really cheer me up

Is a ride on your Christmas ...

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Winter of Discontent



I walked out on a white world,
I changed within it, as the cold remembered me and let me in.
I stumbled towards the cover of the sky,
And found the corpse suspended in the liquid jar.
I bled onto the soft carpet, and the blotting paper puddle oozed
until it disappeared beneath a new layer of lies.
I was the corpse,
Was I looking at my future or my past?

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The Winter's Tale


It’s amazing to watch the frost’s work.

It made the sea side a fairy tale.

The frost’s quirk made the sea not for a sail.


The silence is all around.

For a while the time stands still.

The seagulls  can’t swill.


Like in the realm of Antarctica

Throughout the frost, snow and ice

I see the beauty of a paradise.


But! In the next few momen...

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Winter Kiss ( Competition)


Snowfalls bring me to madness,

I catch the snowflakes with my lips.

Snow! The fluffy and sparkling snow!

Its falls make beautiful all my trips.


I love the snowfalls very much

Though I am not eighteen!

Even at my age as such

Catching the snowflakes I am a teen.


What ever that I am not eighteen?

What ever that I am not so young?

The apples...

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