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The beginning is timid
time has not any limit.
magic movements are slow,
we dance the tango of love.

It's the music of feelings,
bliss and passion revealing,
dance of flight and explosion
of hidden love.

When we part it’s only for a moment
Dance of love will never end, be sure.

The beginning is timid
and it's not so vivid,
then it turns into wild
and grasping dan...

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Oh, My Darling Odessa!



Years fly and my love

Always stays in my heart,

Floats with me.

You invite as before,

You cosset even more

Odessa my home.


Anywhere I go I can hear your voice

Your waves ring like the bell

Your trees tales tell

Not in vain you call again

In my heart you will remain

In my heart you will remain.


Oh, Odessa my love, darling c...

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