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This is the start

This is the start,

Though it feels like the end.


Moved away from falls from graces and friends.


A mixture,

Of social and sexual depravity,

Driving Me.

I need to find a way to overcome a force 5 times gravity.


In this state,

It's easy to fall into past mistakes.

Like Peruvian towns,

Rebuilt on the sites of earthquakes.


Got ...

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Dreams Are Forgotten


                                            Dreams are forgotten,

                                            They can be rotten.


                                            Pain ceases,

                                            Except soul diseases.                                          



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real life

How Many And How Few


How many men with whom you just can talk.

How few of men with whom you cherish silence

And go for the longest walk

To feel the natures fragrance.


How many men with whom it could be better to keep silence

So that do not spill the beans when you are in grief.

How few of men which could be a reliance

And do not steal your credit as a thief.


With wh...

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real life

Let's Live! Let's Love!


Let’s live, let’s love and even wonder!

Let’s cry, let’s laugh and trust!

Let’s hope for the best and even blunder,

Forgive, believe and do be just!


Let’s just admire fields, the sky and dew!

And if it’s hard do not give up but fight!

Go ahead, tomorrow you’ll all renew,

Without fright as truth is always right.


Let’s be honest when communicating...

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real life

Control Food

Control Food

I don’t know when it started
When food became an issue
I remember how life was
I was diagnosed as dyslexic
After my Mum sent me for a private test
Although the School didn’t want to accept it
They didn’t want to help
Budget issues, staffing and resources
Excuses, excuses, excuses
My Mum fought their disbelief
Craving the help and guidance I needed
I heard...

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