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Light the Path Ahead


Into a new dark age
we go, marching,
careening headlong

[of soapbox poetry
there is no want
for many a voice
loudly rail and rant]

the terrain of our
condition and that
of our experience
has changed over
year upon year of
progress that has brought
us closer to the edge
of a generation that
lives on the horizon


peering further on


to challenges invis...

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Well hello my poetic brethren.

 The time has come for yet more spewings from the mind to be shared amongst you. This time I have been partially inspired by a book I'm reading at the moment and partially by a dream I had. I'm pretty sure the two were linked anyway. So let me whisk you friends into the mystical world of Sands.




Vision blurred as focus regains
dream of...

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Z, is it merely a typo for X,

a phone pushed too hard

or misplaced fingers on qwerty keyboard?

Or does Z mean sleep tight?

Alas I can never sleep as tight

as when I finally hold you in my arms

and wake to sunshine even in a perilous Pennine Autumn.

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The demon with no eyes.


So you’ve been a little lost lately,

I’m here to change me by changing you,

Guide the lost down the path until they ready to change against me,

And walk your own way,

I mean what I say so if I can get your okay, I’ll talk these lines away and you can repeat what you may.

You’d probably hate me,

If I was to tell you I won’t debate, see,

I got time in my wake tha...

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Good Dreams, Bad Dreams


Dreams drifted freely through the atmosphere,
not knowing who would reach out to hold them near,
a random spice of vivid scenes there for all to view,
I wonder which were at one time picked by you?
Good dreams we flavour with images of our own,
making them personal as if by some seamstress sewn,
embroidered with pictures from our real life past,

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Lover's Limbo

Just get over it,

Casual, callous, colloquial.

But love is like an amnesiac's boomerang

just when you thing you've forgotten

the love, and the pain

it swoops like a dragon

whose scales scar sentiments.


It usually hits you,

and even if caught,

it caught you by surprise.


Those who once captured your heart

now hold your heart captive.


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