Lover's Limbo

Just get over it,

Casual, callous, colloquial.

But love is like an amnesiac's boomerang

just when you thing you've forgotten

the love, and the pain

it swoops like a dragon

whose scales scar sentiments.


It usually hits you,

and even if caught,

it caught you by surprise.


Those who once captured your heart

now hold your heart captive.

Pirates and extortionists,

Roger is no longer jolly,

hooks where the hands I

used to hold,

used to be.




They enter your dreams like ninjas,

smoke and mirrors are no substitute for memories.

Love and pain are two sides of the same coin,

melted, minted and framed in a case

for all the world to see.

A relic of what used to be.


I say you mean nothing

but you used to mean everything.

Your exit a shadow passing by

like my mother's funeral carriage.


You're still here, you're still alive.

But our love died the day

you saw me at my worst

and stuck the boot in.


And I wish I could tell you I forgive you,

but you won't even afford me that luxury.


Stuck in lover's limbo

and the pole is weighing me down.

Now no other can reach the heart that you discarded,

that lies buried though I'm still breathing.



Lover's limbo.


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Gray Nicholls

Tue 17th Jan 2012 23:02

great writing, Indigo.

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Sat 14th Jan 2012 20:26

Thank you Shirley, glad you were able to enjoy this piece.

I find it odd to still be inspired 3 years on, but I suppose if there's art in heartbreak, it's better to cause empathy than to wallow in sympathy.


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Shirley Smothers

Tue 10th Jan 2012 20:03

Powerful poem. Very well written.
Makes me remember past loves, the
good and bad ones.
Your words bring powerful images.
Great writing.


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