Well hello my poetic brethren.

 The time has come for yet more spewings from the mind to be shared amongst you. This time I have been partially inspired by a book I'm reading at the moment and partially by a dream I had. I'm pretty sure the two were linked anyway. So let me whisk you friends into the mystical world of Sands.




Vision blurred as focus regains
dream of golden sands
Arabian scents filling the air
scorching heat with cooling breeze

On a journey
lost in the wastes
searching for an item
of mystic power

Hazed memory of being chased
a blow to the head
lump raised upon forehead
thumping pain

Getting closer
as ground opens up
gripping onto rope ladder
emptiness below

Grip lost I fall
sparkling jewels flash passed
a sound in the distance
the rush of air

Suddenly spiked rock
cuts through the dark below
Tensing up, I scream
as body hammers ground

Plunging into the mattress
bouncing, as though
landing from a hundred feet
body drenched in sweat

It was only a dream
It was only a dream




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