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Hello and welcome to my new poetry blog, some of you who know me may be surprised by my writing and those who don't know me at all I hope you enjoy it.

Quite an old one this but as this is my first entry I thought I would start as I mean to go on.




As the grey old man slips his niche

He discovers the heavenly pleasures of the world

Also he finds that dogs on ...

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My Lifeboat











The whirlpools of loneliness

were pulling me down,

you were my lifeboat.


With all my effort,

I forced myself

to push towards you.


Your kisses, your smiles

your touch saved me

from my lonely life.

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on lundy


Lundy was a distant man.



A misty man.


I thought

“Poor man

he’s been battered by the ocean

since time



Lundy kept his shroud in place

I could not see his face

his granite nose and chin.

He would not let me in.


Three light houses had he.

I thought

“Silly Lundy!”

Because the first...

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Have you ever felt the icecold
gales of aloneness?

I do not mean
lone lee ness
which is something altogether
different –
simperingly subjective
and even desirable
(artistically considered).

I do not mean
forsaken, forlorn,
deserted or desolate,
neglected or torn;
for those words are shallow
compared to "alone".

I mean aloneness –
some subterra...

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