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The exaggerated bosom,

For a girl her height,

Is overly noticable,

Upon first sight.

She makes eye contact,

And you tingle all over,

That’s how I felt,

I was her lover.

I await the day she returns,

I will wait forever.

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Eye of the Beholder

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Is sunrise as beautiful if none sees

or birdsong so sweet without human ear?

Is a flower's perfume on an evening breeze

as fragrant if there is no person near?

Was all this created for us  alone

or is there purpose still yet to be seen?

Though Man is mortal, and will soon be gone

Suns shall yet rise daily where we have been

and flowers will appear with heady bouq...

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anthropic theoryBeauty

Eye Battle For Her Beauty

If love is blind,

Than Pupils' battle is nigh.


For I have never seen a beauty of such radiance.

Fairy’s dust pales in comparison.


Why have I gone blind?

Have my eyes deceived me?


This may explain why Pupils strength has diluted.


Drained from the battle of Ogles.


Oracles have foreseen

This traitorous manoeuvre from Oculesics,


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