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A Lovely Nightmare


Memories still haunt you in dreams

the worst ones aren't violent nor perverse.

The worst dreams are the ones you wish came true

they haunt you with De Ja Vu

subconscious samurai,

donning swords and Fu Manchu.


Kreuger retreated, he knew he met his match

because love is the most infectious illness one can catch.

It starts with a thought, a flicker, a mo...

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Setting Moon

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A winsome voice rose
into the unlit sky
its fingers harped
unwakened dreams

A bare vignette lurched
into the shadows
its claws scraped
unshoed expeditions

An arm is raised high
blurry stars in witness
its blood testifies
unquieted aspirations

A voice rose to the Night.
and formed a melody
its waiting days expired
unsought gem wanes.


Please make your res...

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Our Blanket beneath The Stars


Come crawl into my mind tonight,
invade my dreamscape with your scent,
bring some candles and some sweet warm oils
and cool, cool drinks for when we're spent.
We'll take a path through deepest woods
and spread our blanket beneath the stars
that twinkle gently as the canopy sways,
and contemplate how love moves up on Mars.
In our dreams we'll sha...

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Icarian Malady

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When I found the time to be
I found that time had passed me by

When my dreams had set me free
Life set its bounds upon the sky

Should my spirit soar above,
My wings the blazing sun would pluck

Should my soul find love
You'd find my cards had no such luck

And though we know the end,
we jump into the cloudy veil;

we quest for dreams, though bound;
the seekers' hearts will thus preva...

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on waking

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On waking


after dreams of an Arabian souk

having no money for smoky dancers,

whose sand clad feet slap dusty alleys

I hold a microscopic lizard

he wriggles in my cupped hands

when he leaps away I see

he is skinny as a wire.

A childhood friend not seen in years appears.

There is a bus ride, the bus near missed,

the road skirts perilous cli...

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We go to bed with a dream,

We get up with a dream.

All our life we strive for a dream.

All our life we dream.


It’s beautiful to live with a dream,

Though sometimes we suffer.

There are moments we scream

And life seems to be a tougher.


We all dream to achieve a goal.

Our dream is an elixir of longevity.

It’s an elixir for our undying soul...

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Song in the Starry Sky

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Sing, through the flowing tears,
And laugh though it aches,
ask again for love in rejection's face
into the sun's first brilliant rays

Peer into that song and hear its heart
take along these raindrops' prisms
let them glow in the dark of night
its tune your comfort and companion

Hold your friend deep within your soul,
journey into the promise tomorrow h...

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Musing on the Death of Poetry

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when the clack of keyboards cease
and pages of unbound books
scattered by the indolent breeze
produce a melancholy dirge

think of all the unwritten words
that remain stillborn in the mind
much like the gilded pheasant
out of the snare and into the fire



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