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He is not the best,

but…he is not worse than the rest.

He’s got used to take a sober view of things,

he knows quite well

what hard times life sometimes brings.

He is at his sixty,

By God he is gifted

with wisdom, kindness and intellect.

Though he is not perfect

nothing is out of his range,

he is so dear to me

at his golden a...

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When with a tender and warm glance

You look at me my dearest friend

I am like in a trance,

I would like to dance,

The sky and the land

Become a colorful blend.

The hours of joy and painful partings

I would like to share with only you.

Give me a kiss and with the blessings

Let’s go together

A long life road

And always be true.


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Scene 13

love is forever

charity is forever true

friendship is neither

and life puts them both in the blue.

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no connecting(for Janet and all loud writers whom I love...without connection)

i like you all in cyber-space

not sure i'd like you to your face

in fact  i know i definitely not

would like you such a lot


you came into my face without permission

invaded my space and pervaded my person

made me feel like a guest in my own


mi casa no es su casa

my life is mine to lead

i do not sit in your place of authority

i do not he...

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separationlift offlovefriendshipmarriage

To TC and the loud writers

I am not Thaaumaturgically Charged

But thaumaturgically challenged

I like his input

no matter he hides from Facebook

Because I understand the need for Privacy.


So I sit in my privvy

Not thinking at all

Hoping that TC

will someday call.

Love to Janet and the others too who make this space worthwhile.

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The Rose

The flowers unfold

as I pick the rose

walking in the park

way after dark

with my boyfriend.


I lift the rose

as i climb the fence

wondering what the passer-by thinks

of me and my boyfriend.


he lends me a hand

as he stands on the pavement

smiling with his eyes

this handsome man,

my boyfriend.


the passer-by stops

as i be...

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