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Love of the stars


On the suburb of the Universe

the Beta star has lighted up

I am here to make a verse

For those who are grown up.


His Majesty the Alpha star has seen her

and has fallen in love at first sight.

His nights has become so bright,

and somewhere even white.

At once he has sent her a ray of love

wishing to be her beloved.

Her Excellency the Beta star


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Torments of love


There are moments in life


when you feel like to cry


and don’t really know why.


Your destiny gives you chances


to satisfy your fancies


But they are not always a success,


sometimes even a stress.


Yes, you splash out emotions


like an angry ocean a whale.


But what remains in your soul?


Is it ju...

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a nice moving poem, my most touching in over a decade

a nice moving poem on some1 who made me happy:)

for a very special lady who brought some nice times and made me smile and happy. i remember and dedicate this poem to you, once my gothic gal. be well my friend:)


While going to see a heavy metal band Evil Beneath, he met a soulmate on the bus, he almost never went coz he had so little cash...

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When the Wind Sighs - Video Recital

If anyone's interested in knowing who I am etc. here's a video recital.

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What is the color of love?

What is the color of love?

I'll paint it with RED.

Do you ask me why? Because.....

Red roses are the symbol of love,

Red sunrises are the symbol of life.

What is the color of love?

I think I'll paint it with ORANGE.

I'll give it to you by the segments.

It looks so naive but....

You have to believe.

What is the color of love?

And now I am pa...

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at the end of your arms

Grotesques and gargoyles guard the gate of your heart
And they are beautiful
Permafrosted  problems of the past
I admire the dirty, poor purity, at least its real
The avenue to reach you is a tundra
Vast open spaces
Where your feelings should have been
At the end of this drive waits an ice queen
Pointing the icicle fingers at me
One look of her eyes
Could slay medusa
Hell ...

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