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a nice moving poem, my most touching in over a decade


for a very special lady who brought some nice times and made me smile and happy. i remember and dedicate this poem to you, once my gothic gal. be well my friend:)


While going to see a heavy metal band Evil Beneath, he met a soulmate on the bus, he almost never went coz he had so little cash that night but his friends’ in the band insisted. On the bus he met an alternative lady who he desired so much, reasons not known but one fact – he was drawn to her like a moth a flame. She was the flame, he was her moth; inexorably intertwined by fate that night, events in time dwarfing him, confusing and scaring him to the bone.

He gave her his book business card, she said she’s going to see her boyfriend; his heart fell to the darkness, again. He was used to this but he went to his gig, happy at having spotted a nice Goth lady but sad coz she belonged to another. He wanted to steal her, he was warned by the drummer not to try but he was reckless. Fate intervened and he never had to; she texted him and said keep in touch. She called him and they agreed a date. He doesn’t remember that week too much but he remembers events of meeting her, of being with her for the next 3 months, unreal, passionate and so full of life. She stood by him when he was a witness at what he saw, she didn’t have to do that; what did she see in him, herself? Did he see himself in her?
It was her tattoos on her hands that did it, he was hooked. Two mirror images with so many problems in their young lives. Yet they built something that was theirs alone, no one could take that from them or what they did together, it was theirs eternally. When she left him just over three months later and almost a month after being engaged, he was crushed and broken. He went crazy, wondering why? Even now he doesn’t know what happened but he still carries a torch for his gothic gal, eternally. Some people never did approve of them being together, but the young couple can sayin all honsety: "We had something that was ours."
On his shoulders rested a ghost...




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