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Torments of love

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There are moments in life


when you feel like to cry


and don’t really know why.


Your destiny gives you chances


to satisfy your fancies


But they are not always a success,


sometimes even a stress.


Yes, you splash out emotions


like an angry ocean a whale.


But what remains in your soul?


Is it just a growl?


You have already been indifferent to him,


it seemed.


But he still remains in your mind


And you try to find


The reason to forget him.


Were you just blind?


You want to leave everything behind


and ask your mind to be so kind to forget.


You beg your heart


to release your torments,


to forget all his comments.


You ask your mind


to be in contact with your heart


and not always be apart.


All your actions were unmeant,


all you wanted the love to send.


Now you are trying to forget,


but you can’t,


Then you think: Oh, yes! He had a grant.


You try to find his negative features


for your lonely creature.


You try to release your mind


but he still remains in your soul


playing the main role


in all your night dreams,


and it seems he is still everything to you,


it is so difficult to say adieu.


You had time to think how to keep him,


how to reap the fruits of love,


or may be to stay in good relations,


so that to avoid the separation,


or may be remain friends,


it could be a good amends.


But…your heart pains and the dreams remain.


Nothing you can change,


Nothing to arrange.


You did all to estrange your love.




The words I have said above


Are not for all.


It is just her little squall.


Now she is all alone.


Living on her own


somehow she will survive


and one day probably die.


Here I sigh and tell you good bye,


finishing this crazy lie.




Larisa R (Odessa, Ukraine)


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