Pig on trial

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It's hard to live a making, hard, hard to make a living

even without the exorcist interferes. I've been a fog

harmer, a hog harmer. I have hogged farms all my life

and my father's life before that. I'm so mad I can't talk right

and the priest will probably say I'm witch crafted too.


I've already paid the lawyer more than the pork

is worth. The lawyers available to represent pigs no

longer take pork for the payment. The bailiff can't find

an oink-to-English translator. The trig is riled. The whole

trial is rigged. Priest wants to know did the pig confess?


Is the pig penitent? Penitent is not in a pig

vocabulary. I know it's the church's job to root

out demons. This pig is bad, deserves to die.

But don't hurt my family. My children are good.

The barnyard demon didn't enter the house.


- Paul Jolly

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Fernwood Press

Sat 27th Apr 2019 16:03

Thank you!

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