Dear Ezra Bebot,

The first time I saw you, your mouth held no words.
I would take you out and watch you marvel at the birds.

Your awkward waddle would bring me smiles.
There was peace in my life holding you as we walked for miles.

The screaming, the crying, the testing,
The laughing, the hugging, the learning.

As I helped you grow, and loved every moment.
Even the ones that involved your excrement.

You taught me to be the parent you need.
Never mattered that you were not my seed.

We went through Krat Brothers, Poco Yo, Pokemon, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Oh Mijo, we ran through life's course holding hands at everyone of it's hurdles.

Wednesday, March 20th 2019, my heart was ripped from my chest.
Knowing it was our last goodbye we left nothing unexpressed.

You said you did not want to go home
That made my feet turn to stone.

Just know it was not my choice to take you back.
God, how I wish I could have told you to go to your room and pack.

I sat on your doorstep with you draped around my torso.
Knowing the end of our hug would fill our days with sorrow.

Spoken softly you were assured our love would never fade.
I was scared of the pain I would cause if I stayed.

48 minutes and 2 numb legs later
Our world was split at it's equator.

Leaving you with ideas of how to handle the dark days ahead was all I could do.
I looked at your eyes as tears began to spew.

Had to pull you in close hoping you didn't notice.
As your little arms squeezed one last time
my lips pressed against your forehead for one last kiss.

The sound of the lock shattered my being.
It left my heart and soul grieving.

You will always be my best friend, my family, my son.
That will be true long after this body is just a skeleton.

Step sonstep-sonchildfatherfather's lovebreakupheartachebroken heartdepressionlosslovingend of relationshipseparation

◄ A Note to Those With Limits to Their Love


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