A Note to Those With Limits to Their Love

I was not there when he was made
I was not there when he was born
I was not there for his first birthday

I was, there to guide his first steps.

I was there when his mother voiced her disdane and pushed him away.

For the tantrums that felt eternal

The sick days that became my sick days

I was there as his father began a new family and forgot about his last.

When he had no food to eat, no new clothes to wear.

I replaced his empty dish with mine

I wore the same outfits so he wouldn't have to.

I taught him to feel comfort around others.

I strengthened his body through play.

I soothed his worries with laughter.

I educated him so he would be better than us all.

So, to the parents who believe someone cannot love a child like they would their own.

Sit on those thoughtless thoughts, they, speak to your shortcomings.

My love, knows no limits.

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Dear Ezra Bebot, ►


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Kporho Raphael Oyeke

Sat 13th Apr 2019 10:08

Nice and beautiful poem.

<Deleted User> (21487)

Sat 13th Apr 2019 07:45

This is a beautiful poem full of selfless generosity and love and ending with

"My love knows no limits"

- so full of warmth- I am left wanting to delve deeper - wanting to know more - waiting for the next one.


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