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I'm a happy octogenarian living content in a sprawling conurbation filling what spare time I have writing the odd poem. Lifes good, and armed with my bus pass travel to many destinations of interest, so abundant are these that being the age I am, will probably never have to duplicate A bit of advice to those dreading old age, It's not a time when active life stops, for with a little self discipline keeping fit etc. it is most definitely something you should look forward to. 'Cause while you're shackled to a clock watching regime, I'm jumping about free in a bowl of cherries type existence, that's full of concessionary or better still, free activities. Don't worry about future financial problems, for living in the slow lane you'll find money(used sensibly) is bottom on any list of priorities. Even if like me, your on basic pension. I'm now pleased to announce having lately in two thousand and sixteen self-published a paper back entitled "NOW I KNOW WHERE I'M@" consisting of an eclectic seventy or so comical and somewhat more serious rhymed pieces each with an easily interpreted profundity' (nothing mysterious about my stuff) inspired by and dedicated to Julian's W.O.L. international family of Poets. If curiosity is getting the better of you, it's available now at AMAZON books.


THE INSIDIOUS PROCESS OF DECAY From being young having seen been told I’ve had this fear of growing old a joint creaking pill taking medicinal hell encompassed in an atmospheric, geriatric smell. But now I’ve gotten old myself no hair, few teeth fell off the shelf in reasonable health though poor in wealth I’m not depressed ill or sad this being old "is not so bad" I’m feeling fit, and keeping well recite bad poems at the Ring O' Bell no inhibitions confident bolder don’t suffer, (I think) old people odour Best of my day has got to be after dark when it's time for tea smug warm wanting for nowt pile food on the plate proceed to pig out a large glass of wine then two then many find the remote, switch on the telly Antiques Roadshow Clarkson's top gears Ant and Dec The Three Musketeers dash from the bathroom after a pee don't want to miss what's next on TV but the drink kicks in it's not to be collapse flat out stretched on the settee Three in the morning wake and rally missed the end of Downton Abbey stomach rumbles need food to ingest snack on the dried gravy peeled off'f me chest discard the underpants socks and vest lay weary head on flat pillow to rest. Vibrating snores ripple stubbled cheek good job I drink only twice a week content as a babe asleep in it's cot one happy old wine stained bundle of grott. the whole place needs cleaning losing the plot couldn't care less if I'm smelly or not.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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There'll always be an England (01/04/2018)

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Sep 2017 17:18

Ken - what do you think of the latest utterances from the
EU's "John 'Claws' Junkshop"? Even avowed "Remainers"
seem dubious about the intentions. But it surely endorses
what has been suspected from when the Referendum
Party(Goldsmith/Walters) warned against what was planned
- including an EU army and non-accountable police force -
and was roundly mocked for its "ridiculous" assertions.
Power does strange things to those on the Continent!!
Perhaps JCJ sees an emperor's role on offer?

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 4th Sep 2017 11:54

Ken - thanks for your message to my site page.
We agree to differ about the perceived benefits to the
UK of membership of the EU.
It is fine to dream of a Utopian world when, like lambs,
we lie down together. The jackals that come with each generation always seem to spoil the peace party and present a problem...witness the posturings and threats of the leader of North Korea.
Each has to be faced by the existing generation and
there's no easy solution, as our forebears have found.
We should always hope for the best and prepare for the
worst. Or - as WSC observed: Better jaw-jaw than war-war. But tragically, there are those who aren't
By the way, I enjoyed your site poem about age. Much to ponder and agree with!

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ken eaton-dykes

Sat 2nd Sep 2017 07:53

Hi Harry. Hope your safely back in your rut.

Him in North Korea wouldn't be so belligerent if you and I had international bus passes.

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 1st Sep 2017 23:02

Hi, Ken,
My worlds a bit mad at the moment so only saw your comment on my prof tonight.

You are absolutely right about your deterrence effect (I always wondered how those Koreans wrought up their I know - sheer opportunism, as soon as they found out that we were demobbed)

I`ll tell you what as well... If that big fat pig in charge there now ever comes over...well slice him into a million little bits with our pension cards.

Keep the poems coming!

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kJ Walker

Mon 20th Mar 2017 21:12

Hi Ken. thanks for comment on "Grimstone Low"
I'm going to rework the ending
cheers kevin

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chris stevenson

Tue 10th May 2016 20:42

Hi Ken .. thanks for your kind comment on ‘Tourdion’ .. … cheers .. best wishes .. chris.

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