‘Peace, love and understanding have left the building’ is our Poem of the Week

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The latest in our ever-lengthening line of Poem of the Week comes from Jon Stainsby. His piece Peace, love and understanding have left the building is reproduced below for you to enjoy, along with his responses to our Q&A. Thanks, Jon, and all the very best with your writing from here on!


What got you into writing poetry?
A long time ago in the 1970s, I was listening to Marc Bolan and his group of the sixties, Tyrannosaurus Rex. He was writing songs and poetry of a Tolkeinesque fantasy world.  I was inspired, and started to write.  That's how it all started, I think. :)  
School and university got me into ever more poets and poems.  These spurred me on to write, and influenced me in my writing.


How long have you been writing?
Since the late 70s when I was 16/17.  I started at school and published my own little pamphlet of poetry while I was in sixth form.   I have been writing on and off since then, and really started again fully last year.


Do you go to any open-mic nights?
I haven't plucked up the courage to do this, yet.  I would like to do it, though.

What’s your favourite poet/poem?
I have no particular favourite poets.  Whoever crosses my path, really.   I love 'Do not go gentle into that good night' by Dylan Thomas, at the moment.  It inspires me to continue writing and to express myself.  
I read the poems on WOL every day and love it.  It is so wonderful to read,  feel and mull over the emotions and thoughts of so many people.   The support and encouragement of the poets on WOL is so wonderful and inspiring.


You're cast away on a desert island. What's your luxury?
My loves are music and words so, anything that allows me to enjoy both of these.


Peace, love and understanding have left the building
by Jon Stainsby

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen
They’ve really enjoyed playing here over the years
It has been a wonderful experience for one and all
but now it is my sad duty to announce that
peace,  love and understanding have left the building.
Peace,  she left by the back door
Her sullen face only lightened by the thought
that it cannot always be this way
Wandering around between the ruins
of the past, present and future
weeping for a world seemingly
weary of compassion for itself.
Love,  she left by the side door
Despondent at the lack of empathy
Her heart in tatters looking for repair
in the furthest reaches of the globe
The wilderness will enfold her
and she will take respite
to return fuller and stronger.
Understanding,  she decided to just
use the front door bold as brass
Never a second hesitating
Straight into the street searching
for a ounce of forethought and
common sense amongst the
ignorant people aimlessly roaming.
Ladies and gentlemen
They will return
Please be patient
Please have faith
Please have hope
Thank you and good night.


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Jon Stainsby

Sat 10th Nov 2018 08:44

Thank you, John

Profile image

john short

Sat 10th Nov 2018 00:12

Hi Jon,

Great poem, I totally get it. The world appears to be going crazy and those three do seem to have left the building. I like the note of hope at the end that they will return. Although I fear, probably not in our lifetime. A well-deserved Poem of the Week.

John Short

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Jon Stainsby

Sat 3rd Nov 2018 19:40

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

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Darren J Beaney

Fri 12th Oct 2018 11:10

Well done Jon - nice work!



Michele Barraco

Fri 12th Oct 2018 07:53

Very nice Jon!

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Janey Colbourne

Thu 11th Oct 2018 16:43

Wow Jon, that is brilliant. Very powerful. Totally deserving to be Poem of the Week.

I think this would be an excellent one to read at an open mic. I’ve been to a few and I’m certain this would go down really well. It’s got a great flow and rhythm and a really strong message. I’m encouraging you to go for it! Lots of people are nervous at poetry open mics but we all feel for each other and it’s very supportive in my experience. It’s nice when you get that instant feedback in the applause.

Very well done.

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Mike Bartram

Wed 10th Oct 2018 16:18

Hi...that's how I got into poetry, the lyrics and poetry of Marc Bolan. The warlock of Love from his book was 1969.
Well done!


Wed 10th Oct 2018 07:14

Congratulations John, well deserved POTW.

All the best des

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Brian Maryon

Tue 9th Oct 2018 15:36

Congratulations Jon...well deserved!

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Peter Taylor

Tue 9th Oct 2018 02:19

Jon, rightly popular as a cry for the need to reconstruct our inner lives. Very much enjoyed.

Peter T

Profile image


Mon 8th Oct 2018 22:09

Congratulations Jon for getting this POTW and that your poem has left the building!


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Becky Who

Mon 8th Oct 2018 14:55

YES! I loved this the first time it came around, so glad it got POTW, congratulations!

Profile image

Linda Cosgriff

Mon 8th Oct 2018 14:39

Oh, well done! Love this poem.

Big Sal

Mon 8th Oct 2018 13:07

Again. Excellent.?

Profile image

keith jeffries

Mon 8th Oct 2018 10:54


Well earned and well deserved. Congratulations


<Deleted User> (19836)

Mon 8th Oct 2018 10:04

Wow! Congratulations Jon! I'm so glad they chose this poem of yours, it is an exceptional piece. Very well deserved! I truly loved it when I first read it! Write on forever...??

Profile image

Taylor Crowshaw

Mon 8th Oct 2018 09:59

Hi Jon, many many congratulations on your wonderful poem of the week..such a well deserved accolade... Bravo so thrilled for you...Taylor xx ?

Profile image

Martin Elder

Mon 8th Oct 2018 09:43

Very good Jon. An excellent metaphor and justly deserving of POTW
many congratulations

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