Forced upon Friendly Fire

All my life I've been used like a weapon 
Being aimed, knocked and drawn, facing friendly fire
Little seeds being planted by words and feelings
Anything to which your twisted minds desire
Manipulating me until I'm alone and disconnected 
Cutting loose all ties, that know your true nature 
Because now you know that is the only thing that'll save ya

You don't realise that I do not need the numbers
I do not need the mental control
I do not need to deceive 
Because true power is not giving you any
You can try to tear me down 
You can try to hurt my friendships
You can try to isolate me to myself
But I am stronger, and I will never fall.

Your moves fell rather flat
Now I've got you cornered,  trapped
You're stupid for slipping up
I am completely awake now
I feel energy coursing through my veins
My head tic-tocking  a million miles an hour
I'm no longer blind to your games or deception
But I will not stoop to your level
For I am the better person.

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Hayley Taylor

Thu 30th Aug 2018 12:41

Thank you Taylor.

I feel that people who are more mentally and emotionally vulnerable get manipulated and pitted against friends, by un-true friends.

I also feel that being awake to manipulation can cause bad reactions on our part, but believe that truly over-coming it is to seize to give them the power any longer. Often, people who stir things and control things, feel at a loss when reactions are not gained.

Today writing this poem I decided I am not someones weapon, but I am my own. Though not all weapons require to be used, but to be disarmed.

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Taylor Crowshaw

Thu 30th Aug 2018 12:31

Strong poem Hayley..

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