No milk to drink

The doctor's next patient was a woman and a baby called Kate.

After examining the baby he was concerned about her weight.

He asked ,"Is the baby breast-fed or bottle-fed?"

The woman replied,"Breast-fed."

The doctor ordered the woman to strip and relax for a test,

And then proceeded to knead and pinch each breast.

"The reason she is hungry ,the fact you have no milk is to blame."

"I know "she said,"I'm her grandmother,but I'm glad I came."



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Fri 3rd Aug 2018 00:00

funny. i like your joke-poetry.
the poetry itself, is not a joke,
but there's always a punch line at the end.
Punch Away!

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 2nd Aug 2018 17:00

So glad you're back with these chuckle-inducing treats.
The world always needs laughter to face down its harsh

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Taylor Crowshaw

Wed 1st Aug 2018 22:31

Well that was a surprise still laughing. 😀

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Martin Elder

Wed 1st Aug 2018 21:32

Well that certainly caused me to chortle hugh. like the rest I certainly wasn't expecting that one.


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keith jeffries

Wed 1st Aug 2018 20:00

The ending surprised me too. Thanks

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Wed 1st Aug 2018 19:48

Lovely stuff Hugh - I didn't see that coming . No wonder the NHS is in such a mess.


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