I didn't expect that !

Three weeks after getting married Julie called her mother in the middle of the night.

"Mum, John and I have had a terrible fight."

"Calm down," said the mum,"Its not as bad as you think.

Every marriage has to have its first fight,make yourself a drink."

"I know,I know,it happens to everybody,

But mum,what am I going to do with the body?"


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 17th May 2018 18:47

If you make yourself a drink, make it a hot toddy -
The ideal preparation to dispose of a cold body!

Vladmir Tod

Thu 17th May 2018 17:11


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kishore karunik

Thu 17th May 2018 16:38



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keith jeffries

Thu 17th May 2018 16:04

Bin it

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Thu 17th May 2018 09:43

😄 x

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Brian Maryon

Thu 17th May 2018 09:39


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