Daily Grind of Commuting 24/11/09

Train full of strangers, isolated journeys
Anticipating in a suffocating carriage- destination known
Guaranteed they’ll be a guy with armpit in face,
Hurrying quick smart or snail pace- their own individual race!

Someone dozing leant on your shoulder,

Nudge them sharply- realise but don't appear to bother

A couple whom appear to have desire to do more than just embrace,
Quite a disgrace- old lady groans even if you put your foot on the inner edge of the seat
How could u forget the adolescent with his enormous headphones,
Pulsating music on the highest decibel- makes your morning complete!


People of contrasting cultures and backgrounds,
All forced to be in close proximity
Reading papers, trying to strike up conversations,
Lairy groups of friends- at least one pretending to be a bad pole dancer
Creepy man who stares for a tad longer than comfortable,
Does he despise youth or desperately crying for help
Thoughts interrupted as someone stamps on your foot and yelp!

Heavy suitcases and bikes blocking the aisle way,
Delays commuters, makes them in disarray
Lastminute.com revision of notes for a business project,
Shuffling papers in cramped space-  what did u expect?


Loud chatting women from overseas,
Seem blissfully unaware to their heart’s content
Sneaky naps galore, and those still mastering the Tube map
Some sad sap in their mobile you feel the urge to slap,
Oh the joys of underground trains- produce ever wonderful mishaps
Lapse in concentration, you may miss the most plush seat
As all the others are dirty, stink and have sunk in- admit defeat!


One must be on high alert, for its cut throat- dog eat dog… 
So if you don’t have the foggiest idea what this is all about,
Brilliant because you’re not missing a thing- or it’s ignorance you bring
For not having endured public Transport for London,
Its conundrums, kerfuffles, incidences and fiascos
Some find it a fascination observing citizens on the low,
Wouldn’t miss it for the world, secretly though- never openly aloud
Truth be told, or they’ll surely be hurled!!


My Voice “Let Freedom Ring” 7/12/09 ►


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Jeff Dawson

Sat 26th Dec 2009 11:41

Hiya Katie, great stuff, sounds like the Bolton - Manchester train/s most mornings! Jeff X

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Andy N

Thu 10th Dec 2009 13:39

can relate to this in large parts, katie.. i think there is some lil edits here and there you can do to make it sharper, but i did enjoy it..

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