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Biography I've had work published in The Stag- University of Surrey newspaper, United Press, Teen Poets and Poetry Odessey! I write and recite about all sorts of deep n' meaningful topics. Plus I perform stand up Floetry & Rapoems in Ldn venues!


Humanity 4/7/09 Society embracing the fast-paced life, Although immersed in conflict and strife No time to marvel at the wonders of the earth, We grow either optimistic or cynical since our birth. Multi-tasking is the norm, Constantly busy even after we are worn Developing competitive streaks, Minutes fly by, let alone the weeks. Craving love, acceptance and security, Instead we receive hurt, mockery and pity Despite this we are strong and able to cope, Only by believing in faith and hope. Cliches conquer while material consumption is paramount, Empty gratifications- our world is crying out Gaining no satisfaction, are we becoming crazy? Yes is fact, plus slightly complacent and lazy. So in the midst of all this turmoil and chaos Stay true to yourself, otherwise you’re lost! TIGER! 2/5/08 The tiger may be beautiful and mysterious But his huge sharp teeth are certain to make you nervous, As he communicates while stretching his paws You mustn't make a single sound otherwise he'll open his claws, And do something extremely notorious! He releases an enormous roar making everything rumble His almighty power can make anything crumble, Able to prance up and down to the pulsating beat Although when he's camouflaged, he ducks low to his feet, In the humid kaleidoscope jungle. He cunningly scours in search of distant prey As he reaches for the kill, he targets those that lay, The sleuth- like carnivore is still on the prowl To discover and catch a meal using his dark nose to smell, Patience is a virtue, that's what he'll say! The tiger's pride, dignity and reputation Make all other creatures have a scary sensation, Just watch him cut through the foliage like the blade of a knife Causing no end of chaos and strife, Especially when the ferocious figure is hunting for a female!

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