My Voice “Let Freedom Ring” 7/12/09

Liberty is unlimited expression,

Intuition followed by rightful actions

Escape from the grasped clutches of guilt and resentment,

Replaced by optimism and courage!

Loud and proud speech with a conscience,

Not listening to cynics who capture it!

Upmost best of your ability- not under scrutiny

To explain your declaration of independence in the face of adversity!

Break open the shackles- soaring self esteem

Sky rocketed confidence despite being ridiculed!

Don’t just get a taster of an experience- but savour every mouthful

Figuring something out then causing a chain reaction of transformation

Valiant conqueror over personal fears, being proactive and laugh at whatever is thrown your way without delay!

Reaching your potential- striving beyond capabilities

Catalyst towards discovering your true inner being,

Inspiring others and radiate love abundantly

Overcoming obstacles and boundaries,

Standing up and being counted over repercussions and consequences

Leading to more phenomenal and awesome chances,

Freewill leaving you with moments of exhilaration

Destiny approaching fulfilment and tranquility!


◄ Daily Grind of Commuting 24/11/09

Our Capacity 2/7/10 ►


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