I walked by where we used to hang out

my heart aches and I can’t keep my eyes still

her hair, her face, her figure

I see her in every one that is walking

I try not to look for you but whenever I walk here

my eyes move without my consent

I still haven’t figured out what I would do if see you

yell at you, curse you,slap you

I imagined it a million times in my head

yet I know most likely I would freeze

anyway I think its time that I talk about this

this story took a lot of my time

you took more time than you deserve

you don’t even deserve me writing about you,

so I’m writing about closure

and even if I wanted to write about you

I can’t it would be so offensive because even if i try

I would fail to find one good thing about you

but closure is a good thing

closure means another beginning

closure means that that street would have new memories'

closure means that I would never look for you

closure means that you would no longer exist in my mind

closure means I won’t recognize you in the street

you see closure is a very good thing after all



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Wed 4th Apr 2018 00:37

Hey Racha,

I was going to send you an article on the correlation of the amygdala to aggressive response, since you are a psychology student. But, the first article I came upon mentioned the "abnormal" aggressive response of a driver to a tailgater. I believe that the tailgater is the "abnormal" one since it's his face I can see in my rearview at 70 miles per hour (about 113 km/h for you Europeans and well, the rest of the world). Yet it's people like me who are being studied since stupidity seems so normal--go figure.

Please pardon if this response makes little sense, but physical violence is never truly out of the question in extreme situations.


Forgive me for ignoring your original intent. As good or needed as it may be, closure is hard to come by because it can mean making many changes, both in mentality and environment. We all make our journeys. Good to hear from you and take good care.

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Nicola Beckett

Tue 3rd Apr 2018 19:36

Slap u? Xx

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