sinking ship

My ship is sinking, 

while your ship has sailed...


Our attempt at love,

seems it has failed...


Maybe if we tried harder,

could have prevailed...


I'm crumbling into pieces

crashing against these waves

that are helping to rip my walls right apart

my ship sinking, a metaphor for my broken heart


Where did the love go? 

how did you and I go from being so high,

to us falling so low?


You took refuge upon my ship,

with the calm waves crashing against my hip...

never have i known a peace such as this,

never thought it'd be something i'd have to come to miss...


Maybe I could've kept it like this...

before you jumped off screaming "Abandon ship"

this stormy night my ship wasn't strong enough...

no matter my pride, my ship couldn't handle this tide...

now my wooden walls start to divide

i feel my own tears slipping into the sea


When you had left, I think I died

you got onto a new ship,

"Forever" I suppose you had lied

A hundred tears filling that sea I could've cried 


Now my ship is sinking

crumbling, falling, breaking 


While your new ship sails away. 


jimmy 2018oceanseashipsinking

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