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One people

I will not fight, I will not stand

For border, nor for any land

I need not know, am not concerned

Your place of birth or language learned

Too many wars are fought, too many die

Over province, pride, triumphal lie


I will not guard, I will not bar

The stranger landed from afar

They need a home, and wish to settle

Want to work, to show their metal

We can only profit from their work

Whether labourer, nurse or office clerk


You should not hunker safely down

To protect and shield your hometown

Look outward and welcome all the new

Who may enrich whate'er you do

Then they may live within our sphere

And raise their lovely children here


They may never learn the native diction

This may be choice, not dereliction

You should not force your homeland view

They have their culture just like you

Let the magic of our land, our nation

Embrace their souls with jubilation



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keith jeffries

Sat 17th Feb 2018 19:54

a well constructed poem which echoes my sentiments so completely. It encapsulates the Christian response to the stranger amongst us. Thank you indeed for this.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 17th Feb 2018 19:14

Generous sentiments, cogently expressed but...
I believe in the concept "of a kind"
And see this as a frame of mind;
So when so many come why do we find
They want to bring what they leave behind?

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