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My name is Javis T. I've been writing for about 29 years, mostly hip hop style songs but occasionally I write a poem, and more recently I've been trying my hand at short stories. I don't know, people say they like my words. I always say, none of the words belong to any of us, it's the ideas we are describing. Memories. Feelings. Confessions. Reminders. Some of my writings contain graphic concepts and language. Please be advised.


What is it, the picture perfect wordless Surges of truth reversing the curse? I'm searchin' the heavens trying to find a way To explain how earth hurts. However it's probably just a matter of mind. The Saturn design Could never keep track of my pattern in time Cause it's non-existent. Passionately personifying The nature of persistence. The indivisible spiritual circle Connecting inner visions, Within us. Then I flash back from the Genesis With a Nimbus. Which represents the power of love... But it leaves us senseless. To achieve the highest Level of sense according to Sensei. We must then raise Our vibe to the plane of enlightenment Within six days, And seven nights. Shining our deadened lights. Blinding like diamonds Reflecting off of diamonds And in time we'll regain our sight; But as for now... Just reflect with the rest of us. We're all made of stardust, and dreams So the universe protects us.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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