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Sarah Davidoff

Updated: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 05:11 pm

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A little about me... Hello there I'm 28 and I've had a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia for over 10 years. It has all kinds of symptoms like widespread pain and fatigue and I also suffer with anxiety and depression. Reading and writing poems helps me to escape and helps me through the pain and suffering. I write about it in my poems but I write about other stuff too, just whatever comes to mind! I only got into reading and writing poetry recently, but I did love poetry when I was at school, so I've got a new found love for it. I haven't shared my poems much and was hesitant to show them to anyone when I first started writing, but I want to share them now and get some feedback. And I'll enjoy reading other people's poems as well :-).


Humans Why do we choose to make each other suffer? When it's so much easier to support one another Why do we argue and relentlessly fight? So we can smugly say that we were right? Why is it so important not to be proven wrong? Do we think it entitles us to some kind of gong? Does it not matter if we hurt each other's feelings? Or worse, completely destroy another human being? Did it never occur to us that there is no right or wrong? And that we have been kidding ourselves all along? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions But we are being driven by negative emotions Being angry and greedy wastes so much energy Standing against each other, warring selfishly When we should all stand together and unite Be kind and help others through their plights But instead we walk around with our heads in the clouds Out for ourselves, not hearing the sounds Of people suffering all kinds of unimaginable pain Only caring about what we can gain.

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