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Shaakiera Schroeder

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I am a ShaakieraS, A mature, respectable and sophisticated woman, with a massive vocabulary and a passion for words, which borders on obsession. Strangely quiet and reserved , an introverted extrovert yet can be surprisingly witty. I am consistently inspired by the world, and amazed by the people who live in it, including myself. Surviving just over two decades of extreme hardships, tragedy and loss, very nearly destroying myself. I feel blessed to have been spared long enough to tell my story. I am in constant awe of the resilience humans possess. Especially women ,their spirits unbreakable. I have strong core values and An avid believer in Honesty, Integrity and respect for all and self. When we Choose to live nothing can stop us. We have this amazing ability to overcome the most impossible hardships .I strive to be better every day , even its just to smile more or be kinder. Haunted and in constant turmoil its an every day struggle fighting to keep the demons of depression away. Genuine affection , compassion and humanity is a miracle I never get tired of seeing. If you feel you might be interested in connecting with me ,please feel free to look for me on the followings sites;


I Wish... Sometimes I wish I didn't have a betrayed me one to many times.... I love to deeply. And care too excessively... Then I hurt! And the hurt is like so many hurts I have endured...yet so unlike any... Each time its new...somewhat unique in its anguish...lingering... Stalking me during the day...and as night falls so does my reserve... Proclaimed by the world as a 'strong woman' if only they had to see be now... On bended knees wailing pleadingly to GOD …"Help me" stop this pain....let the light come in me...and then...then there's silence...not just your everyday quiet...but serene silence...the type that let's u know at this very moment your creator has lifted u up to his chest and is now rocking u...lulling u to sleep, a deep peaceful slumber and u exhale....thinking...there is tomorrow....tomorrow I'll be brave...tomorrow I will try again! Written SS(06/10/11

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Shaakiera Schroeder

Fri 20th Dec 2019 09:47

@BINTE jazakallah for your kind words..may Allah grant you the best of this world and after.

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Binte Afroz

Tue 30th Jul 2019 11:07

Dear Shaakiera,

I am really impressed by your survivor's spirit and your faith in Allah. May Allah bless you (Ameen).


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