Watch Over Me

I laid my head on your reassurance.

I crawled into your lap.

Prayed for all the world.

Felt you succour-warm my life-ache.

I trusted you.  You rewarded me.


I miss you.

I can no longer lodge my trust.

I have nowhere to lay my head.

I hurt in small hours.  Alert for nothing.

I ache loneliness when I am tested.

I haven't you by my side.

Faith - I long for you.


You were dispelled with empty reason.

Sold on lies about lies.

Never once did I consider you separate from religion.

I know now.


I have Faith.

I Laud in your glory.

And I needn't follow a crede designed by a so-called holy committee.

I needn't praise a God I can't know, just to feel your comfort.

I own my own Faith.

Explain you my way.

And I need never feel alone again.

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Fri 17th Feb 2017 23:47

Thank you Juan.

I guess I want to make the distinction between faith - a feeling, energy or emotion - and God - perhaps a being or supernatural entity.

Personally, I think it's all forms of energy. Don't know what you think? But it's all interesting.

And I wanted to make the point that it's personal. So I have my faith, which is my interpretation. And may - probably does - differ from another person's.

Thanks for your comment.👍😁

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Sun 12th Feb 2017 13:03

Beautiful...Religion in the popular sense of the word is not of God because it presents so many barriers to relationship with God...Thanks for sharing this poem Rich

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Thu 9th Feb 2017 14:50

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