Creation's Quantum

Time took the whole.

What I thought was mine.

Swallowed up.

We share this moment with all creation.

One quantum between all of us.

Creation's quantum.

I believed experience to be whole.

I have only fragments.

And those are, at best, images and feelings.

Time eats us.

Swallows us whole.

And when all's said and done.

We leave with nothing.

Save knowing that we've been eaten, too.



We might remain in tattered fragments.

Fluttering momentarily as geology progresses.

Soon faded.

Maybe a monument lasts with civilisation.

Until usurping folk trash what went before.

Or catastrophe strikes.

Rubbing out.


None of us, really, last.

And there is no reason to anything, from such a perspective.

But we all have this.

Creation's quantum.

Which we can control.



Interconnected.  Through each other.

Through gravity.

Emotion.  Influence.

We relay energy.

Cascading what we, ultimately, chose.

And choice remains whilst we're still inside creation's quantum.

Influence is transmission.

Positive.  Or negative.

Rippling into our future.

Travel forward with positive force.

Radiate.  Emanate.

Wash our quantum clean.

This is all we have.

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Philip Stevens

Sat 9th Sep 2017 05:32

Makes me think... wow ! this universe is vast..
And me...i so small.... i need to grow into the space before me

<Deleted User> (16596)

Mon 13th Feb 2017 22:26

Beautiful ❤

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Sat 4th Feb 2017 21:16

Thanks for the comments Kishore, Old Shoes and Randall.

Old Shoes - if only. I hope and pray.

I'm flattered to be compared to the Celestine Prophecy, and thank you for that compliment. I believe positivity can be a very powerful tool. Add something to all those around you, and they will be that little richer, to then add to those around them.

Smile and the world smiles with you. Although, it's not always possible to keep smiling!

There is, indeed, a resonance in each of us - maybe one day, they'll find the particle that transmits that.

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Randall Eckstein

Sat 4th Feb 2017 13:59

I'm not much of a transcendentalist, but I read a book in my teen years that has stayed with me. It's called "The Celestine Prophecy." Perhaps you've read it? It posits a scenario in which if we give out positive energy actively, purposefully, we can enact real change in people's lives. This poem seems to share a similar message. Now, as an atheist, I have to say your message is beautiful. If we could remember that, even if we're not related, we are all still bunches of rotating quarks and gluons that descend from stars and galaxies. Our sub-atomics speak to each other, and there's a resonance in each of us. ?

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New Shoes

Sat 4th Feb 2017 07:21

if only we all could understand once again, we could open the universe together


old shoes

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kishore karunik

Fri 3rd Feb 2017 18:08


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