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I always did like C&A if for this thing alone

The sales assistants let you be to try things on your own;

And so, without embarrassment, I’d try in no great haste

Several pairs of trousers in a 42” waist.

But sad to say the shop has closed – the end of this great store;

While BHS is going still our C&A’s no more;

My kids still see their lingerie – a label caught their glance;

They thought it was directions, though, for wearing women’s pants.




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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Jan 2016 16:57

At 6ft4ins. the desired trouser length was 34ins. but I
found the extra long on offer at C&A were more like 35ins.
I preferred to have a bit of "sag" on the shoe than walk
around like those Yanks with their pants barely touching
their shoes and flapping around their ankles with every step.
As for a 42ins. waist: No...never had that encircling expanse.

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John Coopey

Mon 11th Jan 2016 19:02

35" leg, MC!!! You didn't want trousers; you wanted drainpipes.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 11th Jan 2016 13:56

Underhand - ho-ho.
I too have fond memories of our Oxford Street C&A - the
only shop where I could find a pair of men's trousers on
the rail with a 35" leg. The M&S maximum then was 33".
Glad to say the latter has caught up - even to delivering
to my local branch for collection from an online order.

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John Coopey

Mon 11th Jan 2016 12:46

Thanks, Vicki. I thought about a final line like
"So womankind could tell which was
The back and which was front"
But I couldn't think of a rhyme.

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Vicki Ayers

Mon 11th Jan 2016 09:40

Ha!! Oh C&A! This made me chuckle! Thank you x

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