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Writers Block -- 07/2015

Needing inspiration

Having none

Words not coming

All dried up

And numb

Give me a taste

Just a nibble

Please a crumb!

Needing inspiration

But alas I have none


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Eric Berard

Fri 30th Oct 2015 07:55

Yes! Exactly hahaha, the original thought process will never truly come back, although I try sometimes anyway, just to see if I can make it seem natural

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Amanda Van Gorder

Thu 29th Oct 2015 23:06

Ooh if I get a block in the middle I just stop. I don't go back. I feel the mood has changed and the original intention can't be reached. I just start over.

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Eric Berard

Thu 29th Oct 2015 17:04

Hahaha! I hate when I get a block while in the middle of writing a piece. It happens so often to me, and I never get back to any of them, and even if I do, I never like how they turn out after being out of that state of mind for so long

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Amanda Van Gorder

Thu 29th Oct 2015 16:37

Oh I definitely agree. More often than not my poetry just comes in bursts and then poof! Nothing for weeks. This was one of those and well....oddly enough the writer's block itself inspired me. Lol.

For me writing is a form of therapy. Its how I process emotions and get things off my chest. So, at times it can in fact get very frustrating when I can't write. But I know its all a process and when the words come they will come....

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Oct 2015 16:25

A state of mind - neatly put - that many will identify with.
Be patient for the arrival of something or someone able
to inspire the need to give expression in support or
response. Often these just "happen" and off we go!
Poetry is no factory-driven process churning out quotas.

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