Back Then

Trisha M. Hopkins
Dedicated to my mother Christine Barrek
I love you mom 

I remember Back then 
When i was a kid
The memories i hold
On everything i did
And the stories my mommy told 

Tucking me into bed
Saying sweet dreams love you and don't let the bed bugs bite
Then before leaving the room 
She'd kiss me on my forehead
And i'd reply with "love you and good-night
And before i knew it 
My dream went into flight

In the morning I'd wake 
To the aroma of blueberry pancakes
That only took a little time to bake
As i hold onto my napkin
I watch as my mommy pours the syrup
I take a sip of my juice
From my favorite cup
The one she bought not too long ago
Asking to be excused to go get dressed 
Stopping half way to look at the glisten on the snow
I then go to change the jammies i messed
Being messy isn't good i know

Boy to remember everything Back then 
Brings goose bumps to my skin
I some times wish i was a kid again
The memories rush back to me when i look at the picture
Held up with a pin
The one you gave me Back When...


But that was back then
Now all i have is the memory
I try to think of my past 
And begin to forget when 
The last time we were close
And miss the way my mother was
And the morning aroma under my nose

Now my mother's soul is lost
And my memories are only stuck in the past
She is fighting with herself to live
I wont let my mother lose this fight at any cost 
Her husband is the demon 
Within her head
Her spirit is gone
He is the whole freakin reason
Why she is not trying
Afraid every night when she goes to bed
That one night she will give up on living
The next day she won't be alive 
And that morning I will find her dead

I love my mother with all my heart
I cant even talk to my best friend
Because he forces her to tell him what I've said
In the past few years we grown apart 
I want my mother there when i am wed
But that Subject On that I wont try to start
Because i cant trust her anymore 

I pray to the lord to protect her with all his might
To keep her safe and out of harms way
Keep her in my children s sight
Let her live another day
Back then is what i can only remember
Its the only thing i can store 
I want to celebrate with her another special december
My mothers health is becoming so poor 
I don't want to see my mommy this way
It hurts me so damn much
I wish there was something i could do
To bring the Back then
I want to feel my mothers loving touch
All i ask god please don't let her life end
Because there's still memories to be made

God please get her away from the devil 
That keeps her trapped
The one who controls her like a puppet
Help her before her soul goes completely Dark
Don't let her soul start to fade
And she loses all spark
Before the blackness kidnaps 

The only strength she has to live
Is the company of my daughter(s)
I want her to share Back Thens 
With her grandchildren
Let my mother show them shes strong and smart
This devil let her see she can get away 
Help my mother believe 
That she can beat his power trip 
Let her see she can win and is able to leave
And from this prison she doesn't have to stay
Let her get away from his grip
Let my mother live her life her own way


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Martin Elder

Mon 9th Feb 2015 22:40

Wow ! this is such a powerful and beautiful piece

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Mon 9th Feb 2015 06:34

Always keep your good memories close to your heart for those you will remember when you do have to part you will never forget .My mum was abanded when I was born had to work full time all her life when retired she had eltzimers for over twenty long years ,I was hated my brother never went near he was adored good look Wendy .

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