Rage On The Loose

Aggression seeps from jaundiced bones.
IS kills too many crouching in their homes
Al Queda murdered thousands in Twin Towers
the result of all those deaths is sobbing showers
the rain of tears could form a salty river to clean
out all the evil that shattered so many a dream
and in the end those fighters only ever produce
a waste of life and resources with rage on the loose…

Wake up you dunderheads with kalashnikovs in hand
no matter how much blood you spill you won’t ever understand
that deaths of the many are known never to end with gain
history has shown that very clearly with so much shame
yes the shame is on the aggressors who kill without cause
they would do far more good if they could use their jaws
for blood washes away and many more will turn their backs
while a good book with reason will convey what killing lacks…

January 31st 2015


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