funeral days

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funeral days

funeral days
should always be like this

early mourning dew
in the eyes of those gathered
under a slate grey sky
(not blasphemous blue)
whose heavy tears
will splash
the golden Judas kiss
of leaves crackling
beneath disrobed trees
betraying the sadness
with their joyful colour

the heavy damp sods of earth
clinging close to the coffin
like the grief
that surrounds hearts

wet grass
wet leaves
wet earth
wet cheeks

the sheen on decayed tombstone teeth
grinning from grassy green gums

the gaping mouth
of a freshly dug grave
whispering epitaphs

black upon
black upon

when I die
let it be in autumn

sunless on a sombre sepulchre

my season
my choice
my wish that

funeral days
should always be like this



Inspired By: photograph by Richard Nixon (c) Rich Pictures








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M.C. Newberry

Sat 11th Oct 2014 15:18

A real mood piece that readily evokes the chill
of death and autumn.
For my part...
I'll settle for the passing pyre
Of the convenient cremation fire
(And it says as much in my will!)

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