I’m never going to be thirty,
I’m never going to win,
I’m always going to wonder,
If I’m ready to begin.
I’m never going to be thirty,
My years should always stick,
Beheld at twenty,
With youth a plenty,
And wild hearts fast and thick.
I’m never going to be thirty,
My body cannot change,
So a splendid birthday party,
May you not arrange.
I’m never going to be thirty,
And I’m never going to win,
With that I’m content,
Set in cement,
The spirit I am in.


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Preeti Sinha

Tue 19th Aug 2014 17:12

I never wish to be thirty too, Charlotte!
Let's remain the age we are
Let's hit
All the neon bars
Drive all
the fancy cars
Wish upon
some pretty stars

And now I've run out of rhyme :)

Great piece again!

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Andy N

Fri 15th Aug 2014 12:45

when i was your age, i could defo relate to this. it also has an particularly strong ending. good piece.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 13th Aug 2014 22:00


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