I found out three days too late,

that she was sick and on her way to

saying goodbye.
I was away, and missed her paws
pad into her cage, which, I guess,
we will now sell to a stranger
with a new addition to their family.
It’s strange now it’s just us three.
I wonder why I let it get to me,
all the pee on the carpet,
sneezing soon after burying my
face into her white spotted neck.
I would drag ribbons along the floor and 
grow tired the moment it got stuck to her paws.
I’d walk away.
Cat’s are under appreciated I think.
Or, rather - she was.
Tiny and quiet can’t compete with
friday night repeats and curries on the cheap.
Can it? 
Oh, the house is stiller than I thought it could be
and if I could go back,
I’d pull the string along the floor and never get bored.
Then sit her on my knee after Masala and bad TV.
When I give the cage away, I’ll be sure to say it;
Cat’s are under appreciated,
Or, rather, she was. 

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Candice Reineke

Thu 11th Sep 2014 16:39

Awe Charlotte, this pulls at my heart *strings*! Very well written :). And thanks for your comment on "the undies moment".

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