Unnatural Things

The most unnatural thing in this world
Is a parent
Burying their child
Having to send their little angel back home to God
Losing a piece of their soul no amount of time will ever return

Seeing the ghost of that lost child age alongside their other children
Car seat empty in the back of truck
Birthdays pass with no growth to show for
No graduations to celebrate
One less daughter to walk down the aisle
One less son to keep you awake at night praying he makes it home safely

He will never come home again
She left you way before boys stopped having cooties
And you still have to wake up every morning
Face the day without your little sunshine
drive that truck with the missing car seat
And keep breathing
Keep living because no matter how ugly and hard
And heartbreaking life is
It is also beautiful
And rainbows
And magic

I can't even begin
to imagine
The pain a parent feels when they lose their baby
Hope God never tests my faith that way
Hope my future miracles and I enjoy a long, love-filled time together
Cuz I don't think I'd have the patience to wait
For the day God calls me home
And puts my angel back in my arms


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Dominique Smith-Bryant

Fri 8th Aug 2014 16:10

Thanks Roselaure!

Los Angeles. lico

Fri 8th Aug 2014 00:23

"Seeing the ghost of that lost child age alongside their other children"..... very catching, amazing!

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Dominique Smith-Bryant

Thu 7th Aug 2014 21:38

A 'cootie' is an invisible germ little kids believe kids of the opposite gender have. It only exists during that phase of childhood when little boys think girls are icky and little girls think boys are gross haha.

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John Coopey

Thu 7th Aug 2014 21:30

Indeed,Dominique. There can't be any pain greater in the world.
(Wassa "cootie"?)

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