You dropped like Peter Pan into the nursery,

And taught the younger children how to fly.

You left your shadow, which we burn in ceremony,

To set your spirit free into the sky.


They took you from your Highgate pram, (not Kensington)

From place to place your infant soul was tossed,

To settle here and there, a gentle gatekeeper.

Your sweet smile welcomed in the lorn and lost.


Like Peter Pan you took up every challenge,

Defying nature with your leaps and climbs.

‘First Star on the right; straight on till morning’.

You led the lost boys through adventurous times.


Your taught your skills to each new generation,

And navigated formal roles with ease,

But every solstice saw you on Ben Alder,

And each New Year you plunged in icy seas.


You generated love in other people

But could not feel their loving warm your heart.

The heart has reasons logic cannot answer

And fear can drive the strongest to depart.


You could not face the notion of dependence

And chose a road less travelled as your way.

‘To die would be an awfully big adventure’

Like Peter Pan, I think I hear you say.


Somewhere a figure strides along a mountain,

Or ponders by the waters of Loch Erne.

And we still keep a lamp lit in the window,

In case one day you fancy to return.


FD 01/04/2014.


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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Mon 30th Aug 2021 03:07

Patrick Rushe

Tue 5th Jan 2016 17:21

Told with great affection and a touch of wistfulness...I enjoyed this poem...

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Freda Davis

Wed 2nd Apr 2014 20:54

This is in memory of my foster brother Michael. I have brought together some of the stories of his extraordinary life. He attempted to spend Christmas on Ben Alder in the highlands, as he had so many other years, but was overcome by the unusually cold conditions and lost his life there. He was 64.

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