My Dragon Husband

(I put this up again on request. It is some years since it went up before so I hope those who saw it before wont mind. )


My dragon husband

Lives on tobacco,

Consumes all the matches

And breathes smoke on me all night in bed.


My dragon husband

Has fire in his belly,

And roars at the radio.

Flames of his anger devour the television commentary.


My dragon husband

Prowls over his land,

Muttering to his thirsty tomatoes,

Turning over the wealthy soil;

Pulling out pearls of potatoes,

Blood red beetroot,

And hot carrot gold.


My dragon husband

Curls up under the mountain of his duvet,

Hoarding the hot water bottle.

Heavy with the long night’s pondering

He sleeps the day down;

And, as the sun sets,

Like a flash of scales and taloned wings,

He goes, bright and jaunty,

Weilding a long cue,

Into the dragon dance of his misspent youth

In smoky snooker halls


On some fresh morning

As the mist lifts off a winding lane of water,

Between humps of hawthorn and tumbled brambles,

You may see: a wing tipped curve of brolly;

Green gumboot feet;

Breath like smoke;

And a flask, beside a dish of worms.


It is my dragon husband

Crouched over his line,

Hunting the swift, cold demons of the water world;

His deep set eyes

Lost in a wordless dream of dragon land.


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Alan Travis Braddock

Sat 5th Jan 2019 16:11

Nice one Freda. Very Yorkshire but with more romance than the county usually admits to.

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steve pottinger

Tue 23rd Jul 2013 17:56

I enjoyed this a lot, Freda. Great observational piece. :-)

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Sat 20th Jul 2013 18:42

Enjoyed reading this. I love how you've entwined the metaphor of 'Dragon Husband' - full of personality and interesting imagery into this fairy-tale like poem.

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Harry O'Neill

Sat 20th Jul 2013 14:59


What a marvellously cool and observational (and aptly anthropomorpic) assesment of a husband.

The impressive thing is not that there is any word of praise in it (there isn`t) but that there is no word of condemnation either.

I feel quite sure that (within walls) you were able to sort the man out no problem.

(And that you loved the bones of each other)

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Laura Taylor

Thu 18th Jul 2013 13:39

Fantastic poem - so original, almost fairy-tale like too.

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 18th Jul 2013 09:57

this is fantastic Freda - who says women can't do praise poetry for men - it highlights your husbands fine qualities as well as what others may regard as 'just being a man' and makes him into something nearer legend than mortal - great stuff :-)

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Greg Freeman

Thu 18th Jul 2013 08:09

Wonderfully affectionate portrait, Freda, but also acutely observed, as though your other half is a particularly exotic and fascinating creature. As I'm sure he is.

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