Cheap Whore

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Cheap Whore

I don’t cost very much,
virtually giving it away
you like to watch and listen
but you don’t like to pay
I keep you entertained
turning inventive tricks
arousing you all night
giving you your kicks
you like it when I’m oral
you like to feel my pain
you like the kick and twist of it
again again again
I try to sell you add-ons
but you won’t buy my wares
I’ve given you a piece of me
you act like you don’t care
why would you buy my product
when you’re getting it for free
you’re just a dirty voyeur
don’t want to touch – just see
it’s taken time and effort
to satisfy your lust
I feel we’ve shared a moment
but you’ve betrayed my trust
now you don’t want me on you
when you stagger home to bed
you leave behind the poet
whose words have all been said
you enjoyed my performance
you’ll keep coming back for more
I leave here feeling dirty
like some needy hurt cheap whore

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John Coopey

Fri 24th Jan 2014 19:46

Thank God they do keep coming back for more. It's when they don't we've a problem. And of course, Ian, it's we the performers who can't but help go back for more!

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Laura Taylor

Fri 24th Jan 2014 15:54

Ha - well, I like the poem, and wouldn't it be fab to actually get paid? I have done, on the odd occasion - felt great! Aiming to get more of that haha.

I never feel hurt though afterwards - I must really enjoy it ;)

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alan barlow

Fri 24th Jan 2014 00:40

cuts on a number of levels this you dirty whorebag haha i like it because it makes me think, so many references to this site and potentially to rainy days gone by, keep em coming whorebag ;-)

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